About The Challenge

The region of Ningxia in northwest China will fund ten foreign winemakers to visit and make wine in 2012.

This is a two-year contest. Winemakers will select grapes and make wine in the fall in Ningxia, then work remotely through assistants, with the option of up to three return visits. The wines will be judged in two stages, white wines in September 2013 and red wines in September 2014, with the best earning prizes totaling rmb200,000 (USD31,000 / EUR26,000).

The Ningxia Wine Challenge is an opportunity for people who seek an adventure, enjoy cultural exchange and are interested in learning about and practicing their craft in one of the most promising wine regions, Ningxia, in one of the most promising wine countries, China. The participants will meet local winemakers and share ideas, meet their fellow visiting winemakers, and try wines from around the region. They will no doubt also attract media attention, attend dinners with officials and winery managers, and have a chance to explore the cultural, historical and culinary offerings of Ningxia.

For queries, contact Jim Boyce at info (at) ningxiawinechallenge.com.

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