Ningxia Wine Challenge dinner: Roast mutton, wolfberries and chicken heads

The Ningxia Wine Challenge participants gathered at Lanny Resort outside Yinchuan on Sunday night for dinner with Cao Kailong, director of the Bureau of Grape and Floriculture Industries and initiator of the challenge. Pictured above, from bottom right: translator HuangCarl van der Merwe (South Africa), Patricia Miranda (Chile and New Zealand), Eleni Papadakis (United States), director Cao KailongMa Huiqin (professor at China Agricultural University), Penny Jones (Australia), José Hernández González (Spain), David Tyney (Australia), Benoit Beigner (France) and several media members.

The winemakers gorged on everything from roast mutton, oxtail and fish to baked goods and salads garnished with one of Ningxia’s most famous products, wolfberries. Pictured below: Gonzalez, Jones, Ma and Wang Zhenping, professor at Ningxia University.

Also of note: David Tyney, with an assist from Carl van der Merwe and to the amusement of Jose Gonzalez (and everyone else), ate the chicken’s head. If such daring is transferred to the vineyard and winery, Tyney’s prospects in the challenge look very good.

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