New Zealand’s Wine Press, Marlborough Express covers Ningxia Wine Challenge

The mainstream and trade media in New Zealand have covered a pair of locally based winemakers who are now in China for the Ningxia Wine Challenge.

Wine Press, official magazine of Wine Marlborough, has published a story about David Tyney, currently at Cirro Wines and previously at Marlborough Vintners, and Patricia Miranda of Yealands Estate.

Describing the trip to China as “a chance of a lifetime” and Ningxia as having “a reputation for stunning reds”, writer Tessa Nicholson notes that Tyney and Miranda will make both a red wine and a white wine during the stay. She quotes Miranda as saying:

I have never been to China, but I have been aware that they are producing some very interesting wines. And the wine industry is growing exponentially there. I was interested in that before I applied for the competition.

And Tyney as saying:

I was interested in Ningxia Wine Challenge for a number of reasons. Firstly, my parents have lived in China for the past three years and I have visited them regularly. It [China] gets better and more interesting every time I go back. On my last trip I was fortunate enough to consult to a group of officials in Yunnan Province on a recently established vineyard for ice wine production. This was an amazing experience to see vines planted in a small village which is thousands of years old and at an altitude you would not believe.”

Meanwhile, Deborah Walton-Derry and Peter Morice of Marlborough Express have covered Miranda’s journey to Ningxia. In an story titled, “Yealands winemaker secures trip to China”, they write:

Wine has the ability to not only bring people together, but to bring whole cultures together, too. The Ningxia Wine Challenge is a perfect case in point, with one of Marlborough’s winemakers, Patricia Miranda-Taylor, currently in China and experiencing harvest and winemaking in the Ningxia region.

They note that she moved to Yealands Estate in March of 2012 after working at Isabel Estate and has also done vintages in countries such as Germany and France. That international resume will soon include a stint in China:

She is staying in Yinchuan, the capital of the Ningxia region. Before leaving she was told that due to cool weather and rain the harvest will be later than expected. Once the harvest is under way the white varieties will come in first — around 21 September, followed by the red from 5 October. Fermentation should be finished about three weeks after the harvest.

She is both nervous and excited about the trip, which is something of a working holiday that also includes introductions to the other nine successful international winemakers, a seminar, dinners, wine tastings and visits to wineries.

For the full story, see here. And expect more on local and international coverage of the Ningxia Wine Challenge.

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